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Eighth District in the News
  • More than 500 attend annual Waukegan Township Martin Luther King Jr. event
    The NewsSun:  January 21, 2019
    “I am so honored to be selected to receive the Drum Major Award. The support and confidence I’ve received from the Lake County community, as well as the members of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, has been truly inspirational,” John Idleburg said afterwards. “I look forward to the great things we as a sheriff’s office will accomplish over the years for our community,” he said.

  • U.S. Rep. Sean Casten to visit Algonquin to discuss government shutdown
    Daily Herald:  January 20, 2019
    U.S. Rep. Sean Casten, D-Downers Grove, will host a roundtable discussion Tuesday Jan 22 in Algonquin on the partial federal government shutdown. Casten, who represents the state’s 6th Congressional District, will host the public event from 9:30 to 11 a.m. at the Ganek Municipal Center, 2200 Harnish Drive. “Casten will provide an update to constituents on the current status of the shutdown and efforts by Congress to reopen the government and put federal employees back to work providing services to the public,” according to a news release.

  • Big crowd floods downtown Geneva for women's march; Lauren Underwood among those to applaud change
    Pioneer Press:  January 19, 2019
    "Thank you for braving the cold but more importantly for all that you have done in these last two years, and it started with marching," Lauren Underwood said. "Look at where we are now," she said to applause. "We are stronger and more represented than ever before in Congress.” Sean Casten said it's remarkable to be among a freshmen Congressional class that has so much diversity. "We are in a class that looks like America," he told the crowd.

  • Applicants sought for new associate judge opening in Lake County Circuit Court
    The NewsSun:  January 18, 2019
    Chief Judge Jay Ukena announced Friday that applications will be accepted for an associate judge opening created by the retirement of Judge John J. Scully, effective March 1.

  • Rep. Mason seeks public input on state legislation
    Daily Herald:  January 17, 2019
    State Rep. Joyce Mason of Gurnee is encouraging area residents and local organizations to submit ideas for new legislation to be drafted and introduced during this year's legislative session.

  • Link: Despite 'hypocritical' Rauner veto, township road district consolidation bid is not dead
    The NewsSun:  January 16, 2019
    “Everyone loves to talk about how Illinois has too many units of government,” Terry Link said. “This bill would help fix that. Everyone loves to complain about high property taxes. This bill would help provide property tax relief.”

  • Underwood celebrates making history in Naperville
    NorthWest Herald:  January 15, 2019
    Celebrating a first, U.S. Rep. Lauren Underwood, D-Naperville, took time this weekend to take part in a special swearing-in ceremony at her alma mater – Neuqua Valley High School. Saturday’s event drew supporters from across the Congressional 14th District of Illinois, which includes portions of Will County.

  • Shutdown is the topic of Casten’s town hall meeting
    Lakeland Newspapers:  January 15, 2019
    A standing-room-only crowd greeted U.S. Rep. Sean Casten at his first town hall meeting Jan. 13 at the Wheaton VFW Post 2164. “I didn’t plan on my first time meeting with my constituents to be about the (government) shutdown,” Casten said.

  • Underwood votes to reopen federal government
    Lakeland Newspapers:  January 15, 2019
    “The people of the Illinois 14th [District] deserve a fully functioning federal government,” Lauren Underwood said in the statement.

  • U.S. Rep. Lauren Underwood returns to Neuqua Valley: 'She is what Naperville looks like'
    Pioneer Press:  January 12, 2019
    Lauren Underwood spoke about the issues she made central to her campaign including health care and the difficulty individuals with pre-existing conditions can face. She also touched on education, the need for background checks for firearm purchasers and the current government shutdown, which she declared “unacceptable.” “We have elected the most diverse Congress in our history and we must have higher standards,” she said.

  • New suburban lawmakers take their Springfield seats: What they want to do now
    Daily Herald:  January 9, 2019
    Gurnee's Joyce Mason made a similar pledge of bipartisanship, saying she stands "ready to work with members on both sides of the aisle to make the tough decisions necessary to shift our state upward."

  • Schneider appointed to powerful House Ways & Means
    Daily Herald:  January 9, 2019
    U.S. Rep. Brad Schneider has been appointed to serve on the influential House Committee on Ways & Means for the 116th Congress. The committee, the oldest of the Congress, is the chief tax-writing committee in the House of Representatives. It exercises broad jurisdiction over health care, Social Security, Medicare, pensions, trade and other issues.

  • 'Americans are really hurting': Schneider discusses shutdown with constituents
    The NewsSun:  January 8, 2019
    “My goal is to, as much as I can, meet people where they live, where they are, to talk about the issues that are important to them," Brad Schneider said. Medicare, immigration, veterans affairs, Social Security and IRS issues are some of the most common topics people need assistance from Schneider’s office, officials said.

  • Underwood, Foster, Lipinski react to swearing in of new Congress with more women
    Lakeland Newspapers:  January 7, 2019
    Lauren Underwood took to social media to thank her supporters. “Proud of all we’ve accomplished – and thinking of the young women of the future who’ll be stepping forward to serve in the coming years,” Underwood said. “A greater change is on the way.”

  • Lauren Underwood sworn in as youngest ever black woman in Congress
    Pioneer Press:  January 4, 2019
    Registered nurse Lauren Underwood, 32, of Naperville, became the youngest black woman in U.S. history to serve in the House when lawmakers took the oath Thursday afternoon. Clean-energy entrepreneur Sean Casten of Downers Grove, another political newcomer holding elected office for the first time, joined her in representing vast swaths of suburban territory in Chicago’s collar counties long held by Republicans.

  • Underwood: 'Time's Up' in Washington
    NorthWest Herald:  January 4, 2019
    “It is a new day in the House of Representatives,” Lauren Underwood said in a statement. “In the Democratic majority, when the American people have elected the most diverse Congress with more women serving than ever before, we are demonstrating a commitment to conducting the business of our nation with the highest standards of ethics and decency. My contributions to this legislation will prevent abuse, harassment, intimidation, threats and discrimination that would be illegal in other workplaces.”

  • Attention, candidates! We want your email addresses
    Daily Herald:  January 4, 2019
    We are collecting email addresses from local candidates in contested races. Please go to to fill out a brief form so we can send you a questionnaire.

  • Lauren Underwood sworn in as youngest ever black woman in Congress; Illinois' freshmen Democrats vote Pelosi for speaker
    Pioneer Press:  January 3, 2019
    Three new Illinois Democrats were sworn into Congress on Thursday, capping a blue wave that helped the party win the U.S. House and taking their seats amid ongoing partisan wars over President Donald Trump, his policies and a federal government shutdown that has halted services across the country. Registered nurse Lauren Underwood, 32, of Naperville, became the youngest black woman in U.S. history to serve in the House when lawmakers took the oath Thursday afternoon. Clean-energy entrepreneur Sean Casten of Downers Grove, another political newcomer holding elected office for the first time, joined her in representing vast swaths of suburban territory in Chicago’s collar counties long held by Republicans.

  • Underwood, Casten make history in Washington and in the suburbs
    Daily Herald:  January 3, 2019
    Two new suburban members of the U.S. House, Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten, made history on several fronts Thursday when they took the oath of office. It marked the beginning of the suburbs' time being represented in Congress entirely by Democrats. It was the first inauguration to take place with the government partially closed. And Underwood, 32, became the youngest black woman to serve in Congress.

  • Lake County Board forms committee to tackle energy, climate change issues
    Daily Herald:  January 3, 2019
    Among the changes initiated by the newly reconstituted Lake County Board is the creation of its first energy and environment committee to deal with the impact of climate change, the county's carbon footprint and related matters.

  • U.S. Rep.-elect Casten talks moving to D.C., climate change
    NorthWest Herald:  January 1, 2019
    Sean Casten campaigned on a promise to help address climate change. He said the science behind the issue no longer is up for debate. “Frankly, somebody who doesn’t believe that the science behind global warming is happening, and is real and directly responsible for what we’re seeing right now, is about as relevant as somebody who doesn’t believe that gravity is real,” Casten said.

  • Elected 6th Congressional District Democrat Casten says he's ready for Washington
    NorthWest Herald:  December 31, 2018
    Sean Casten said the next two years will be better if elected officials focus on "things that unite us rather then divide us." "If we are focused on what party an idea came from, I don't think that's very constructive," he said. "That is substantially going to be on the president and the Senate. ... I know there are people of good will in both parties."

  • Top stories of 2018: Lake County Democrats join national blue wave
    The NewsSun:  December 26, 2018
    Democrats broke through a glass ceiling in Lake County this fall after winning enough positions to take over a majority of the Lake County Board seats, along with the offices of treasurer, county clerk and sheriff.

  • The suburbs' first black sheriff: Police communication with the community is key
    Daily Herald:  December 22, 2018
    "Another important step at improving relationships is being inclusive and responsive to all we serve, which can be accomplished through practicing procedural justice and legitimacy," John Idleburg said.

  • Suburban congressional newbies adjust to life in Washington
    Daily Herald:  December 18, 2018
    Sean Casten is finalizing the purchase of a studio condo. Lauren Underwood is shopping for dishes and a desk. As the suburbs' two rookie members of Congress head to Washington, they're prepping for one of the most monumental House sessions in history and balancing that with the more mundane but necessary details of setting up second homes.

  • Pete Couvall, longtime Lake County Democratic Party vice chairman, dead at 73
    The NewsSun:  December 11, 2018
    Pete Couvall, an old-school Waukegan Democratic party official who worked for decades, both before and after the party made serious inroads in Lake County, died Sunday at age 73. At the time of his death, Couvall was serving his long-held post as first vice-chair of Democratic Party in Lake County, the second highest local Democratic party position behind chairman and state Sen. Terry Link of Vernon Hills.

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